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GAYE, MARVIN: Trouble Man

GAYE, MARVIN: Trouble Man
Universal Music
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A1 What's Going On

A2 What's Happening Brother

A3 Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky)

A4 Save The Children

A5 God Is Love

A6 Mercy Mercy Me

B1 Right On

B2 Wholy Holy

B3 Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

A1 Main Theme From Trouble Man (2)

A2 "T" Plays It Cool

A3 Poor Abbey Walsh

A4 The Break In (Police Shoot Big)

A5 Cleo's Apartment

A6 Trouble Man

A7 Theme From Trouble Man

B1 "T" Stands For Trouble

B2 Main Theme From Trouble Man (1)

B3 Life Is A Gamble

B4 Deep-In-It

B5 Don't Mess With Mister "T"

B6 There Goes Mister "T"

A1 Let's Get It On

A2 Please Don't Stay (Once You Go Away)

A3 If I Should Die Tonight

A4 Keep Gettin' It On

B1 Come Get To This

B2 Distant Lover

B3 You Sure Love To Ball

B4 Just To Keep You Satisfied

A1 You Are Everything

A2 Love Twins

A3 Don't Knock My Love

A4 You're A Special Part Of Me

A5 Pledging My Love

B1 Just

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