WELLER, PAUL: Other Aspects, Live At The Royal Festival Hall

WELLER, PAUL: Other Aspects, Live At The Royal Festival Hall
Warner Music
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CD1-1 One Bright Star 4:15

CD1-2 Glide 2:27

CD1-3 The Soul Searchers 4:56

CD1-4 Boy About Town 2:56

CD1-5 Have You Ever Had It Blue 3:59

CD1-6 What Would He Say? 3:55

CD1-7 Wild Wood 4:07

CD1-8 Country 3:51

CD1-9 Aspects 5:07

CD1-10 Strange Museum 4:01

CD1-11 Amongst Butterflies 2:58

CD1-12 Old Castles 3:14

CD1-13 Gravity 2:56

CD1-14 Where'er Ye Go 2:51

CD2-1 A Man Of Great Promise 2:55

CD2-2 Mayfly 3:49

CD2-3 Private Hell 5:19

CD2-4 Tales From The Riverbank 3:31

CD2-5 Movin On 4:40

CD2-6 Long Long Road 3:45

CD2-7 Hopper 3:02

CD2-8 White Horses 5:48

CD2-9 Books 4:16

CD2-10 You Do Something To Me 4:03

CD2-11 May Love Travel With You 3:22

DVD-1.1 One Bright Star

DVD-1.2 Glide

DVD-1.3 The Soul Searchers

DVD-1.4 Boy About Town

DVD-1.5 Have You Ever Had It Blue

DVD-1.6 What Would He Say?

DVD-1.7 Wild Wood

DVD-1.8 Country

DVD-1.9 Aspects

DVD-1.10 Strange Museum

DVD-1.11 Amongst Butterflies

DVD-1.12 Old Castles

DVD-1.13 Gravity

DVD-1.14 Where'er Ye Go

DVD-1.15 A Man Of Great Promise

DVD-1.16 Mayfly

DVD-1.17 Private Hell

DVD-1.18 Tales From The Riverbank

DVD-1.19 Movin' On

DVD-1.20 Long Long Road

DVD-1.21 Hopper

DVD-1.22 White Horses

DVD-1.23 Books

DVD-1.24 You Do Something To Me

DVD-1.25 May Love Travel With You


Brass - Alistair White, Chris Storr, Jess Holder

Brass - Phil Veacock

Drums - Ben Gordelier

Guest - Erland Cooper, Kamalbir Singh Nandra, Lucy Rose, Sheema Mukherjee, Tofail Ahmed

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano - Paul Weller

Orchestra - The London Metropolitan Orchestra

Sounds - Paul Pearsons, Stephen Hodger

Vocals, Bass - Andy Crofts

Vocals, Guitar - Steve Cradock

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion - Steve Pilgrim

Vocals, Keyboards - Tom Van Heel

Written By - Anth Brown, Conor O'Brien, Erland Cooper, Paul Weller, Tom Doyle

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