SMITH, BESSIE: Careless Love

SMITH, BESSIE: Careless Love
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Le Chant du Monde
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1-1 Down Hearted Blues

1-2 Beale Street Mama

1-3 'T Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do

1-4 Mama's Got The Blues

1-5 Bleeding Hearted Blues

1-6 Graveyard Dream Blues

1-7 Any Woman's Blues

1-8 Chicago Bound Blues

1-9 Frosty Morning Blues

1-10 Ticket Agent Ease Your Window Down

1-11 Sinful Blues

1-12 Dying Gambler's Blues

1-13 St. Louis Blues

1-14 Reckless Blues

1-15 Sobbin' Hearted Blues

1-16 Cold In Hand Blues

1-17 Yellow Dog Blues

1-18 Nashville Woman's Blues

1-19 Careless Love Blues

1-20 J.C. Holmes Blues

1-21 He's Gone Blues

1-22 The Gin House Blues

1-23 Money Blues

1-24 Hard Time Blues

2-1 Preachin' The Blues

2-2 Black-Water Blues

2-3 Hot Spring's Blues

2-4 Mean Old Bed Bug Blues

2-5 A Good Man Is Hard To Find

2-6 Foolish Man Blues

2-7 Standin' In The Rain

2-8 Spider Man Blues

2-9 Empty Bed Blues (Part I)

2-10 Empty Bed Blues (Part II)

2-11 Poor Man's Blues

2-12 Me And My Gin

2-13 I'm Wild About That Thing

2-14 You've Got To Give Me Some

2-15 Kitchen Man

2-16 I Got What It Takes (But It Breaks My Heart To Give It Away)

2-17 Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

2-18 Take It Right Back ('Cause I Don't Want It Here)

2-19 Wasted Life Blues

2-20 Dirty No-Gooder's Blues

2-21 Black Mountain Blues

2-22 Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl

2-23 Do Your Duty

2-24 Gimmie A Pigfoot

2-25 Take Me For A Buggie Ride

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