HAMMOND, ALBERT: Original Album Classics

HAMMOND, ALBERT: Original Album Classics
Sony Music
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1-1 Smokey Factory Blues

1-2 The Peacemaker

1-3 Woman Of The World

1-4 Everything I Want To Do

1-5 Who's For Lunch Today?

1-6 The Free Electric Band

1-7 Rebecca

1-8 The Day The British Army Lost The War

1-9 For The Peace Of All Mankind

1-10 I Think I'll Go That Way

2-1 Listen To The World

2-2 If You Gotta Break Another Heart

2-3 From Great Britain To L.A.

2-4 Brand New Day

2-5 Anyone Here In The Audience

2-6 It Never Rains In Southern California

2-7 Tags, Numbers & Labels Names

2-8 Down By The River

2-9 The Road To Understanding

2-10 The Air That I Breathe

3-1 99 Miles From L.A. (Newly Recorded Version)

3-2 Down By The River

3-3 One Life

3-4 Love Isn't Love Till You Give It Away

3-5 The Face Not The Image

3-6 These Are The Good Old Days

3-7 Lay The Music Down

3-8 Rivers Are For Boats

3-9 Somebody's Happiness

3-10 A Job Is A Home To A Homeless Man

3-11 To All The Girls I've Loved Before

4-1 Tangled Up In Tears

4-2 To All The Girls I've Loved Before (New Version)

4-3 Kaleidoscope

4-4 Rivers Are For Boats (New Version)

4-5 You And I

4-6 99 Miles From L.A (New Version)

4-7 When I Need You

4-8 Cry Baby

4-9 Moonlight Lady

4-10 All Alone Am I

5-1 The Light At The End Of The Line

5-2 Sweet Defector

5-3 Rendezvous

5-4 Shoot Em Up , Shoot Em Down

5-5 Hero On Parade

5-6 Oh What A Time

5-7 Before You Change The World

5-8 The Right Time

5-9 Doe Was The Loving Kind

5-10 Somewhere In America

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