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COLLINS, PHIL: Take A Look At Me Now…

COLLINS, PHIL: Take A Look At Me Now…
Warner Music
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1-1 In The Air Tonight

1-2 This Must Be Love

1-3 Behind The Lines

1-4 The Roof Is Leaking

1-5 Droned

1-6 Hand In Hand

1-7 I Missed Again

1-8 You Know What I Mean

1-9 Thunder And Lightning

1-10 I'm Not Moving

1-11 If Leaving Me Is Easy

1-12 Tomorrow Never Knows

2-1 I Don't Care Anymore

2-2 I Cannot Believe It's True

2-3 Like China

2-4 Do You Know, Do You Care?

2-5 You Can't Hurry Love

2-6 It Don't Matter To Me

2-7 Thru These Walls

2-8 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away

2-9 The West Side

2-10 Why Can't It Wait 'til Morning

3-1 Sussudio

3-2 Only You Know And I Know

3-3 Long Long Way To Go

3-4 I Don't Wanna Know

3-5 One More Night

3-6 Don't Lose My Number

3-7 Who Said I Would

3-8 Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore

3-9 Inside Out

3-10 Take Me Home

3-11 We Said Hello Goodbye

4-1 Hang In Long Enough

4-2 That's Just The Way It Is

4-3 Do You Remember?

4-4 Something Happ

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