СБОРНИК: Белорусская Музыка 2Cd (Digipack)

СБОРНИК: Белорусская Музыка 2Cd (Digipack)
MEL CD 30 01685
Bomba Music
Русская музыка
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1 Shrovetide, Shrovetide On The Streets

2 Oh, Spring, Oh, Beautiful

3 Give Us Your Blessing, Mother For Welcoming The Spring!

4 Green Garden Where Cherries Grow!

5 They Brought On Bush From The Green Woods

6 Today We Have St. John's Eve

7 Summer

8 The Rye Was Reaped Under The Crescent

9 Oh, You Reaping Work

10 Oh, Give Me Some Advice

11 How The Danube Had An Argument With The Sea

12 The Wind Is Blowing, The Rye Is Ripening

13 Our Landowner Has An Early Harvest

14 Is The Cup Of The Nut Full, Is It Filled With The Kernel, Is It Full?

15 Towards The Danube

16 Carol

17 Let Us Sing A Song To Our Wonderful Master

18 O-Ho-Ho, My Goat, O-Ho-Ho, My Grey One

19 Kamarytskaya

20 Let Us Find Tsareshka A Wife

21 Lyavonikha

22 The Carol Song!

23 Grow, Round Loaf

24 Have No Fear, Kinsmen

25 How Young Zinna Sat At The Table

26 How To Pity The Bride

27 How The Maple Leaf Flew Into The Garden

28 The Round Loaf Was Boas

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